Subjective Senses

Sensors A and B are objective. They measure properties of the environment, but don't judge if that information is good or bad. We need to give our creation a different type of sensor - one that only indicates if actions are beneficial or harmful (increase or decrease the probability of accomplishing their primary goal.) These subjective sensors should have a value between 1.0 and -1.0 correlating to these meanings.

Let's have action P return a subjective sense value equal to -0.001 minus its action parameter times 0.002. Moving costs time and energy and results in no immediate benefit. Our creature can't feel the simple joy of taking a walk, yet.

Action G will return its action parameter value multiplied by -0.01, but when the parameter is greater than or equal to 3.0, it adds 0.050, resulting in a pleasurable response. Acquiring resources expends a little time and energy, but when successful, results in usable energy and other critical materials.


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Sensor C: , Sensor F:


Subjective Sense: ()

(Sensor C, F)
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